Origami is a Japanese term consisting of the word “oru” which means “bend” and the word “kami” which means “paper”. This art is therefore that of paper folding which allows to realize thanks to a succession of folds representations of animals, objects, planes and many other simple objects. However Origami can take much more complex forms like those of a dragon, buildings



Practiced for centuries in Japan by young and old, origami is an art accessible to all.
Just love to do things with your hands …
If you follow these tips, you will surely get results that will delight you!

How to read a diagram?

Each drawing shows the successive positions of the paper, with the symbols indicating the folds to be made to move from one to the other. To “read” the diagram, we must never focus on one step, but always consider one step and the next. The first shows where the folds will form, the next shows the result that must be obtained.

A diagram can not be read as a novel, but is deciphered and interpreted a little. It takes a little effort at first but like the bike, once you understand a fold, we do not forget it!
If you are really stuck at a stage, do not hesitate to let a few days pass before resuming.
You will be surprised how easily you will overcome the obstacle.

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Which paper to choose?

The choice of paper is an important criterion in origami, as it contributes to the realism of the model.
In this case, it takes a paper that keeps the fold but does not weaken in folded places.
The layer, for example, marks the fold very well, too well, and becomes brittle.
Other papers are too soft: the folds do not mark and the models have no hold.

One of the best papers is kraft paper: easy to find, with hold, spring, high tear resistance and a nice textured look. The white paper used in photocopiers or printers is a very suitable alternative.

There is also special paper for origami, which can be found in graphic arts and hobby shops. Fine and resistant and possibly two-colored, it has the advantage of being already cut square and declined in a multitude of colors and formats.

You will quickly realize that some models very simple to fold, which you seem a little disappointing on plain paper, give a spectacular result if they are made with a paper of choice.

How to make a fold?

To make a diagonal, bring the bottom corner to the top corner, superimposing them carefully.
To perform a median, bring the bottom side to the top side.
Hold both angles with one finger, then press on the center of the fold.
Check that the angles overlap exactly.
Hold the center with the same hand, and press the crease with your other hand from the center to one side.
Hold this “half-fold” near the center, and press the second half, from the center to the other side.
We must now firmly crush (not savagely!) The fold, with the fingernail, for example.
This is one of the methods that make beautiful folds.
You will quickly find the one that suits you.

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