eCyprus - Web-based company management and incorporation in Cyprus!

The easiest way to manage your company. 100% online

eCyprus is a web-based solution to set up and easily manage a company in Cyprus. We handle everything related to the incorporation, accounting, audit, taxes and compliance.

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Our service is ultra all-inclusive and costs only

€249 / month

  1. Powered by the friendly Cypriot tax system

    A country known to favour entrepreneurship with a very friendly tax system and very low taxes. It is also one of the best places in Europe to live in or have a second home.

  2. Full access to the European market

    Located in the European Union, Cypriot companies have full access to sell and buy good or services in the EU market.

  3. Fully Authorized

    eCyprus is backed by a ANTONIS K. KARAS L.L.C ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANTS, a well-known Cypriot law firm authorized to deal with company management and incorporation services.


Benefits of starting your company in Cyprus

  • Trust and transparency

    Companies registered in Cyprus are very well regarded all around the world.

  • Eco-friendly online adminis­tration

    Your company will be fully managed online! No trees will be cut for paper to print documents.

  • You are in the EU market

    Cyprus has full access to the entire EU market and your company will be regarded as a trusted partner by any other EU company.

  • Simple tax system

    At only 12.5% profit tax, Cyprus has one of the lowest taxes in the EU. You are also never forced to distribute the profit, you can reinvest or keep it in the company!

  • Access to international payments

    You have full access to all the payment processors and banks in the European Union.

  • Full remote control

    You fully own the company and manage it onlye fully. No tricks or weird setups.

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Features at a glance

Located in the EU

Receive all the benefits of being in the EU

  • Fast Company registration

    Your company will be ready in approximately 2 weeks.

  • Optimal business structure

    eCyprus makes sure your company has the optimal structure to receive all the benefits of being in Cyprus.

  • Automated online administration

    We provide all the tools you require to manage your company fully online! We also automate most of the business processes to make your life as easy as possible.

  • A real law firm

    Our services are fully backed by a well-established Cypriot law firm. You can be rest assured that your company is in good and legal hands.

Bank accounts

Access to all EU banks

  • European Banks

    Your Cypriot company can easily open a bank account in any other EU country.

  • Cyprus Banks

    We can help you to open a bank account with various Cypriot banks. They require a visit from you, so we recommend you to get a nice holiday in Cyprus.

  • Fintech

    We provide assistance and recommendations in opening accounts with IBAN and cards with various e-money institutions. This is the future, it's done fully online and it is our recommended choice!

Accounting and taxes

Fully automate self-service accounting

  • Fully automated

    Our system handles your accounting in a fully automated way, from bookkeping to payroll and tax reporting.

  • Self-service

    With just a few clicks you can generate an invoice, a receipt or start a payroll.

  • Fully law compliant

    We make sure everything is fully compliant with the Cypriot law.

All inclusive solution

Everything you need is already included

  • No extra costs

    Unlike our competitors, we do not belive in making money from "additional services". Our package is complete and includes already everything you will need to manage your company.

  • Audit

    The audit of your company is included in the package. No extra fees for audit.

  • Yearly company levy

    The yearly levy of your company is included.

  • Office

    The company's virtual office is included in the package.


Getting startedIt takes 4 simple steps to get your company running

  1. Sign up with eCyprus

    Complete and submit our application form. Our team will check everything and confirm with your if there are any questions. You will have to pay the setup fee of 1500 EUR + VAT (recoverable) and our team will proceed with the company registration.

  2. Notarize documents

    You will need to notarize specific documents and send them to us by post. The documents are required in order for our staff to be able to represent you and your company.

  3. Wait around 2 weeks

    Afer around 2 weeks, the company will be ready and we will send you it's registration documents by post.

  4. Open a bank account

    Decide if you need a bank account or an EMI account and proceed with our help to open your account and get your card. In the case of a Cyprus bank account, a visit to Cyprus will be required.

That's it. You now have a fully working company.

Log in into the company management portal and start selling your products or services. Most of the stuff is automated, your required work will be as low as possible.

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