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Home Assurance Scheme (HAS)

This product enables you take possession of your desired house whilst making monthly structured payments, with a maximum tenor …

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This is a structured payment plan directly linked to the construction program of works set at a timeline of timeline of 12 – 24 Months….

Flexi-Home Owner

This product enables you take possession of your desired house whilst making monthly structured payments, timeline of 12 – 24 Months. …

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Instant Homes

This product is designed for individuals or companies who want to invest in real estate and can afford to make full payment for the property…

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Land Flip Scheme (LFS)

This product is designed to help individuals to purchase our land through a structured payment plan over 12-36 months with the the aim of building …


Co-Operative Administration

This product aims to serve individuals under the umbrella of a registered co-operative or any cluster with appreciable membership…

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Home Builders Scheme (HBS)

This product is designed for land owners who wish to partner with us to build on their land and split proceeds/housing appreciable membership. …

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REFin Edge

The investor buys units of property in a specific project at a discounted price with the option of buyback. The company then buys the property off the investor after a minimum period of 6 months…


REFin Edge Pro

With this product, the investors will not be tied to any particular project but will earn a weighted yield on a pool of projects payable quarterly and which is comparable …


Real Estate Advisory & Consultancy

We also offer professional advice and expertise in building and development as well as in other real estate related …

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Facility Management

This is an operational service which handles the activities of the estate from the point of possession by the home owner…

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Title Perfection & Legal Documentation

This service is for land and property owners who have legal interests in properties but have not registered same with the …


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Get the latest trends and news from REFin Homes


10 Jun

HOME OWNERSHIP PLANNING INITIATIVES As exciting as owning a home is, it is also a serious and in some cases a difficult decision that requires quite a bit of planning. The process of getting ready for home ownership means getting your finances in order. In this part of the world, not so many working professionals think about owning…

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13 Apr

REFin HOMES IS HERE TO INCREASE HOME OWNERSHIP ACROSS AFRICA Home ownership is a dream for many across the globe but this dream is far becoming elusive for people living on the continent of Africa especially Nigerians for so many reasons. In many societies, home ownership is ranked in the same calibre of life-changing events as graduating from college…


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