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Carbon Neutral

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Locally sourced, carbon neutral, hangover free spirits!

The incredibly modular, scalable process we have developed for the production of premium spirits results in something never before seen in the spirits industry.

Local bio-organic substrate sourcing means that we can produce a gluten free, alergen free, methanol free spirit every time! Using base products found in local abundance, reduces our carbon footprint, improves the helfulness, and contributes to producing a super premium product.

No hangovers? Our use of gluten free substrates from the beginning of our production. And the exclusion of any substrates which produce methanol during the fermentation process, we can produce an extremely low toxicity spirit which is unheard of on the market. Our products are 99.999% methanol free "prior" to distillation, a unique feature of our operation.

Carbon Neutrality!

Importantly our entire process is not only designed to be energy efficient, but is powered by a state of the art modular Bio-Gasification plant. Our power plant operates entirely on the waste biomass from our process and that of other local breweries. Even more importantly 99.999% of the carbon and other hydrocarbons produced by our Bio-Gasification plant is sequestered and accumulated into a solid product ideal for soil nutrient reclamation and feeds directly back to our farmers fields. This guarantees better yields for our farmers without the need for dangerous industrial farming techniques and a superior quality product for everyone involved. 

Open Sourcing

Our goal is to effectively open source the specifications for our power plant so that more small to medium businesses with similar challanges can implement the sound evironmental strategies which are going to make our distillery a success for decades and hopefully centuries to come.