dbSpaces empowers users to be proactive with their data.

dbSpaces allows you to orcherstate and unify your data into a single view regardless of location and format in real-time allowing you to perform ETL, Reporting/Business Intelligence or Business Processes against your organization's valuable data assets.

Protect and monitor your data using Hippocratic Security, Data Policy and Data Sensitivity rules helping your ogranization meet the latest legal requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Start small with dbSpaces Core and grow with powerful addons from dbSpaces and third party developers...

Perform ETL, Reporting or Business Intelligence on your organizations noSQL/SQL data.

Enchance your CORE server with enterpise features such as Partitioning and Replication.

Orchestrate and unify your organizations data into a single view regardless of its location and format.

Secure the access to your organizations data using advanced fine grained Hippocratic Security.

Set data polices to monitor your data based on your organizations retention policy.

Data Sensitivity provides the ability to make sensitive information in test and non-production databases safe.