Some of my "Oddball" Items



Ancient? Mystery Pottery



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Springfield 45-70 Trapdoor Carbine
(with Native American Decorations)

A Fox Studios Movie Gun!


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Very Rare
Stella "Gambler" Parlor Guitar




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Cribben and Sexton Universal Stove




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1928 Brunswick 5NO Tube Radio  (Radiola 60)




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Engraved 1906 Colt SAA




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Awesome Ikey Robinson

Bellstar Tenor Banjo




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1873 1st Model Winchester

Manufactured in 1876






1920's Art Deco Hendryx Bird Cage Antique








Engraved Winchester Model 1892

Manufactured in 1892



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yCombustible Paper Cartridge Boxes



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Colt Navy 1851
Colt Army 1860

Manufactured in 1861



 1880's British Military Hat

 Franklin Mint Buffalo Bill Cody Rifle



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18th Century Turkish? Flintlock Pistol


1908 Great White Fleet Souvenir
Silk Tapestry




1893 Colt 44-40 Frontier Six Shooter


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