Wookey Bells

Ringing the changes...


Hello and welcome to the Wookey Bells super dooper website! If you're a ringer, then you will find everything you need to know about St Matthews Wookey, it's bells, and when you can join us for ringing.

If you're just curious, we hope you find something here of interest, and maybe we'll even sow the seeds of a future ringer.

Latest News

Under Development

If you've happened across this site, please be advised that it is currently still under development. Hopefully it won't be long before we can go live and use it for real.

Web Site Improvements

Well the good news is that I've managed to connect the website calendar to our Google calendar so there's no more maintaining the same information in two places. That willl make life much easier and he website calendar is now simply a live window onto the Google calendar.

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