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Welcome to our online parasol shop where you can order parasols in several different styles, colors and sizes. You can also choose to have a custom parasol created with different fabrics and trims.

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Unique and custom parasolsDid You Know? Sara's Parasols made the custom parasols for the Universal Studios Theme Park for the Marilyn Monroe and "I Love Lucy" characters there!!

Our Handmade Ladies Parasols are Perfect for:

Parasols for Any Occasion

1. We have new parasol designs for all occasions including weddings, parades, gothic and other events. These can be found on the 717-596-4317 page in the parasol shoppe.
2. We have nylon parasols in different colors with painted handle and shaft. You can choose a lace trim or fringe for these. They can be found on the nylon parasols page in the parasol shoppe.
3. We have all lace parasols that come in black or white with painted wooden handles and shafts. You can choose a lace trim for these as well. They can be found on the lace parasols page in the parasol shoppe.
4. We have a larger elegant Victorian style parasol with a natural wood handle and shaft. These have a cotton canopy top with battenburg lace edging. They are available in white, ecru and black and can be found on the 9016019542 page in the parasol shoppe.

What is a Parasol?

A parasol is defined in Webster's as "a lightweight umbrella used as a sunshade, especially by women". While parasols have often been thought of as wedding accessories or for period costumes, they are also for fun and fashion! They are very elegant and make a definite fashion statement and announce to the world that you are special and have class! Parasols are also practical and provide (514) 708-7647 from the sun's harmful rays, and excessive sun exposure is the leading cause of skin aging and skin damage!

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